Lyndall Goff  



Author Biography

Lyndall Goff’s abundance of experience and education has provided her a unique outlook as a children’s author.

Growing up, Lyndall knew what it was like to be different, overcoming challenges in her childhood, including dyslexia and ADHD.

Being told she wouldn’t amount to anything eventually spurred her on, and in her late teenage years and into early adulthood she discovered the value of education, studying a Bachelor of Nursing, a Masters of Nursing Education, and a Bachelor of Psychology.

During her career Lyndall has captured an intriguing view of society, including through coordinating the placement of trainee nurses across NSW, and for the last 10 years nursing children recovering from surgery.

Finding her creative streak as an adult, Lyndall drew on the loneliness she felt as a child to begin creating stories that would help children understand their place in the world. Her books, including her first to be released in November 2020, Duckdog, is the type of book she needed as a child, to give comfort that it is okay to be unique.

Today, as Lyndall pursues a career as a children’s author, working with illustrative partner, Naya Lazareva, she continues her profession as a nurse, marriage celebrant, personal development coach and Hatha/Yin Yoga instructor on Sydney's northern beaches, New South Wales.