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Hatha / Yin

$22 casual class

Get back to your balanced self with Hatha Yoga. Here, clients will be able to align their mind, body and soul and get in touch with their own spirituality while increasing strength and flexibility.

Yin yoga is a slow paced style of yoga  which incorporates the principals of Chinese medicine.

This style of yoga requires muscles to be relaxed enabling lengthening of the fascia to occur. All poses are supported by props and held for 3-8mins. Great for increasing flexibility, calming the mind and body. 

All experience levels welcome.

Corporate onsite classes available.

Boy Sitting on a Chair

SpiritedKids Workshops


These workshops will be held weekly over a 6 week period. Through play and yoga children will be encouraged to develop their spiritual identities. This will enable your child to feel grounded and feel a sense of peace. Their ability to emotionally regulate, understand their own emotions will be enhanced as will their overall joy.

Contact me for future workshops

Family Fun

SpiritedKids Parents workshops


These workshops will be held weekly over a 6 week period.  Parents will explore their own beliefs and awareness around spirituality and will learn tools to incorporate spiritual development practices in the home. 
If you want happy, well-rounded resilient children this course is for you.
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Civil Marriage Celebrant

Please enquire

A memorable wedding lies not in the venue but rather the quality and delivery of a wholesome engaging ceremony. Formulating a personalized ceremony that captures a couple’s unique qualities whilst keeping the guests engaged requires preparation and attention to detail.

Authorised to conduct civil marriages, renewal of vows , commitment ceremonies, baby namings and funerals.

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