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Do what makes you happy and the rest will take care of itself, this is why I write. I am also clear about my intentions, I believe I have something to offer others and I want to do it in a way that brings me and others enjoyment and fulfilment.

I like to write when I am feeling inspired. If I am constantly busy and working too hard my creativity shrinks. So when I am looking to enhance my creativity or to get ideas for a new book my first steps are to re-establish my self-care practices. For me that means, daily yoga, meditation, baths and spending time in nature enjoying the present. Once I am firmly grounding in the present I find myself in a state of allowing and then I just allow ideas to flow in at their leisure.

From there I just allow myself the time to write. Once all the main ideas are loosely outlined I find at this stage of the process discipline is required to sit down and devote time and effort to perfect the work.

Once a piece of work has taken shape, I like to put it aside for a few hours, a day or two or even a few weeks to then revisit the work with fresh eyes. It almost always leads to new themes, corrections and refined articulation of ideas.

A second and third pair of eyes goes a long way in the editing process, as we often miss our own errors. Additionally, it is an opportunity to understand how others interpret my ideas which is a great learning curve for how I express myself. In essence, feedback from others is an invaluable resource to have around you.

The biggest take away point should be that writing is about the intention and the enjoyment and not about striving for perfection. If you can let go of perfection then the creative process can be properly unleashed.

When it comes to thinking about trying to get my work published I always keep two things in mind.

1. Back yourself and

2. J.K. Rowlings story, she submitted her Harry Potter books to publishers and was rejected 12 times before getting her work published.

You have to believe in and back yourself and believe that your work has something to offer others. Be patient and keep trying; success doesn’t happen overnight. Success looks different for each person so just follow your own path and have fun doing it.

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