• Lyndall Goff

Inspiration for the story - Duckdog

When it comes to being inspired I get my best ideas when I am relaxed and in a child-like playful state. Inspiration for my writing can come in many forms.

When it comes to trying to drum up inspiration it is important to work out what it is you are wanting to write about. Will relaxation or play get you to where you need to be or do you need to be present and exposed to the subject area directly?

Either way, keeping a little black book on hand to jot down ideas is a good start.

For my book ‘Duckdog’, inspiration arrived unexpectedly early one morning when I was still half asleep and feeling rested and calm.

Before I had opened my eyes Duckdog played out like a movie in my mind's eye. Once I was awake I promptly wrote down what I saw and any gaps or ideas that needed to be elaborated on were drawn from my imagination.

Then I revise, edit and repeat until I am happy.

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