• Lyndall Goff


I am very passionate about instilling a sense of self and self-acceptance among both adults and children. This is something that I see many people including myself struggling with from time to time. If I can convey an important message through the lens of enjoyment then I believe it becomes more relatable and hopefully there will be more willingness to absorb the lessons that are on offer.

Having an important message to convey is not enough, thought must be devoted to how your message will be received by your audience. The method of delivery will directly influence the level of impact made on your audience. Where there is resistance there is a rejection of ideas. Ask yourself is my work relatable? Well received? Easily understood? Influential? Engaging? If in doubt, get others to read your work and listen to their feedback.

For the book Duckdog, I was wanting to highlight that our individual uniqueness which can initially make us feel separate and disconnected from other people, is actually the thing that gives us our greatest sense of self and individuality. Learning to be proud of who you are and embracing that can be very daunting though it is also the most fulfilling act of bravery there is. It also happens to be the key to inner peace and happiness and success.

A topic well worth writing about!

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