“How beautiful are the pictures and story.”


“My daughter was very interested and commented 'that girl is a very good writer and drawer'. We discussed emotions and we both decided we wanted a Duckdog as a pet.

Claire Loved it”

Claire, 7, and her mum

"The class loved it and asked “Can you write a book about a Pig Dog.”

Year 2 class at a local primary school

"I bought Duckdog as a present for one of my friend's daughter and found it to be such a beautiful story with meaning that I went out and bought it for my son.

A very sweet adorable main character and there is a lesson in it for everyone. Illustrations are wonderful".


"Duckdog by Lyndall Goff is a lovely presented book with a very moving and relatable story with a good message for the reader.

My grandchildren aged 9 (girl) and 7 (boy) thoroughly enjoyed the story and the lovely illustrations.

I found it a very tastefully produced book and a

fine quality gift."

Helen Baird

I read Duckdog to my 7 year old granddaughter as a bedtime story and feel it is just perfect for this age group.  She loved it and we discussed the wonderful illustrations as we went along and concluded that we both wanted a Duckdog as a pet! He was so gorgeous.


The story had a good moral for all kids - be yourself and love yourself even if you are different.

I would recommend this book for Year 1 and Year 2 classrooms as the story would generate much discussion about being different and accepting people for who they are. 


 Judith McPhee (retired primary school teacher)